“I believe in the magic of personal stories, and I’m here to turn your vision into reality. Let’s create something unique together."

- Fabrizio Sassano, Creative Director

Valeria & The
5 Golden Rings

Travel is one of the most inspirational activities a person can pursue, and after a trip to the beautiful country of India, a young lady named Valeria discovered her passion for jewelry.

India is a source of many of the world's most famous jewelry designs. It is the origin of many of the most precious stones and of course, it is famous for the blue Diamond.

Upon returning home Valeria shared her dreams and continued to learn about Jewelry and collect whenever possible.

During a family holiday, Valeria's meeting with Fabrizio Sassano unfolded a shared passion for stones and jewelry design.

Create Your Own Design

Gather your spirit and weave a tapestry of wonder with a bespoke ring, crafted with love, to grace this year with your enchanting essence

Get inspired by Valeria's Ring Making Journey

Getting To Know You 1

  • In the heart of our craft lies a journey called "Getting to Know You." It's not just about creating, but understanding your story. Your motivations, your desires for the project, and the essence of your personality are the threads woven into the fabric of our creations.
  • In our collaborative journey, the project unfolds at your pace, moving seamlessly through each phase when you're ready. You're only charged once each phase is perfected, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the evolving masterpiece.

In the enchanting setting of Tulum, Mexico, Valeria and Fabrizio seized a rare opportunity as both families converged. It became an extraordinary moment to exchange ideas, delving into Valeria's profound passion for jewelry and uncovering the personal significance her collection held.

After returning from the sun-kissed shores of Tulum, Fabrizio and the art team passionately brought Valeria's vision to life, crafting 3 variations of the 5 rings or 15 different rings. Valeria, drawing on her insights, selected five designs that perfectly captured her unique perspective.

Forming Your Vision 2

  • In the hands of our skilled artists, your vision transcends from your thoughts to their hands, shaping into a traditional drawing that captures the essence of your face and mind in every stroke.
  • Witness every step of our collaborative journey unfold online, where you have the opportunity to review and provide insights as we breathe life into the project together.
  • Our ultimate aim is your absolute joy. Advancing the project happens at your pace, ensuring we move forward only when you're 100% satisfied. Converting a vision into a drawing and then into reality is a meticulous process that merits the time invested.

Your Vision Coming To Life 3

  • Witness your dream come alive with a detailed 3D image capturing the essence of your custom jewelry vision.
  • Revel in 100% satisfaction with the 3D image, product details, and final specifications before proceeding to the next step.
  • The second payment, reflecting 50% of the custom jewelry cost and any remaining revision fees, ensures the journey from vision to reality continues.
  • With your payment received, we embark on the final steps, preparing your tailor-made jewelry for its journey to you.

Witnessing Valeria's dream in a 3D image marked a pivotal moment. Through careful revisions, her satisfaction became the heartbeat, propelling her custom jewelry from image to reality.

The Final Phase

Delivering Your Jewelry

Embark on the most thrilling phase of your journey with us — witnessing your custom jewelry come to life, destined to be worn and cherished by you.

This phase is more than just the delivery of jewelry; it's about the 'why.' It's the profound reasons behind creating custom pieces — a celebration, a milestone, a meaningful moment that deserves to be immortalized in a unique work of art.

Whether it's a wedding, a graduation, or any precious moment, we understand the passion and life stories behind each creation. Collaborating with us to craft a bespoke piece means becoming a part of your family's legacy. The moment we deliver the jewelry you've co-designed with us is nothing short of magical — a testament to the special moments in your life that will be passed down through generations.

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