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We are an inclusive brand that designs and produces unique and beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and other accessories. Fabrizio Sassano designs, makes and oversees the production of his accessible luxury, uniquely designed handmade jewelry. Each piece is masterfully designed and produced in the Fabrizio Sassano studio in Mexico.

Jewelry & Fashion Designs By Fabrizio Sassano

“When my mother was pregnant with me she was studying design and fashion. As I began to follow in her footsteps at a young age, to also work in the fashion industry, she remained an inspirational influence in my life and career. Since my teenage years, I have continued to dedicate myself between modeling and fashion design. Over the past 20 years, I have developed my own styles and distinct techniques. I looking forward to sharing with you my vision of today and tomorrow through the medium of design.”

Fabrizio Sassano


Fabrizio Sassano is humbled by every client who values the jewelry he designs and produces.  With his team behind him he continues to grow and design with a heart that connects to each of his creations.  He was born into a hard-working Italo-Venezuelan family that established the values necessary to dedicate his energy and talent to his heritage and his brand.  Thanks to his natural, entrepreneurial spirit he has learned about business from an early age.  Through his religious and cultural heritage he brings a unique style to the fashion and jewelry design sector.  

The Entorchado Technique was taught to him as he began learning about making jewelry during his teenage years.  The beauty and refinement of twisting metallic wires to create the sophisticated connection between each semi-precious or precious stone, crystal bead fascinated Fabrizio Sassano.  Through this technique he was able to offer something unique and unseen commonly in any marketplace.  Today, his Entorchado Technique is greatly refined to a level of master. And you will observe the twisting technique used in many pieces from earrings, necklaces, bracelets and in his famous rosaries.


Handmade personalized jewelry with 14 karat gold plating. It is made up of 3 design lines: Gioconda for them, Filippo for them and Aurora for the little ones in the house.